Second-Grader Stuns Audience With Impressive Johnny Cash Performance


kharmon367 / YouTube


A second grader known as “Little Johnny Cash” took the internet by storm with his incredible rendition of Johnny Cash’s hit song Folsom Prison Blues.

Despite his small size, this young boy possessed a natural talent and skill that many experienced musicians strive to acquire.


As he stepped onto the stage, the audience couldn’t help but be taken aback by the sight of the monstrous guitar he brought with him. However, as soon as he started playing, it became clear that this little guy was a showstopper.

Strumming in perfect tempo, he added Cash’s heartfelt vocals to create a performance that was both sensational and adorable.

While Folsom Prison Blues is a song with a heavy message, Little Johnny’s performance was nothing short of remarkable. The song itself is one of Cash’s signature hits, having reached number one on the country charts and earning him a Grammy Award.

It’s also no surprise that this young boy has been dubbed “Little Johnny Cash.”

With his incredible musical talent and skill, he is sure to become a star in his own right. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be blown away by this little guy’s big talent.

Watch The Performance In The Video Below