2,744-Stair Hiking Trail In Colorado Climbs Higher Than 8,000 Feet


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The Manitou Springs Incline is a popular hiking trail that’s located in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Most people go there to get their exercise on, some for a spiritual experience, and some hike there because of how beautiful it is.

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Recommendation; If you’re ever in Colorado, I challenge you to do this incline. – Last year on my trip to visit my best friend and her fam, we challenged ourself to it. Well actually, she challenged me to it and I was like “nah homie that’s on you!” But now I seriously can’t wait to do this one again. A good challenge but if you do it definitely listen to your body, take breaks (and water) as needed and feel dang proud when you get to the top. The view is incredible! – Deets; 2,768 steps, 1.3 in distance, 2,000 ft in elevation (ended at around 8,000ft), and finished at 53 minutes. – P.S. – only way to the bottom is a 3 mile hike back down. Enjoy ✌? – If I lived there, I would do this on the reg. Swipe to see the outcome. ?? – #challengeaccepted #manitouincline #colorado #manitousprings #1stphormathletesearch #1stphorm #mytransphormation #duespaid #wedothework #visitcolorado #outdoors #nature #seeamerica #hiking #fitness #outdoorworkout #hydrateordie #views #mountaintop #trailhike #legionofboom #bethe1

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The hiking trail is .88 of a mile long and has more than 2744 steps that ascend into the sky. It’s on the east side of the Rocky Mountains near Pikes Peak. According to Wikipedia, the trail is the remains of a former railway whose tracks washed out during a landslide in 1990.

The incline of the trail goes up 8,600 feet above ground level which can make the hike a challenging obstacle for the inexperienced to overcome. Many folks turn around and walk back down the mountain after only completing 68% of the climb.

“The few achievers who have made it to the top, swear by their life, and sing songs of the beautiful view that awaits beyond the climb,” Earth Wonders said.

The trail was made available to the public to hike in 2013, but when the coronavirus pandemic hit, the Manitou Springs City Council decided to close the trail on March 17th due to health concerns. As of May 14th, 2020, the trail still remains closed.

More History Of The Manitou Incline In The Video Below