Baby Girl Perfectly Mimics Little Goat, And It’s Hysterical


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Baby Masters Goat Sounds

They call baby goats “kids” for a reason, and maybe it’s because the two can sound so similar! 

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One sweet baby girl has mastered the art of mimicking goat sounds. She proved it in a video that has now made its way around the world.


This adorable baby has either spent a lot of time around goats, or just sounds a lot like them! The video shows someone holding the little gal while another woman holds up a small goat kid.

What happens next will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

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An Adorable Conversation

The goat was the first one to speak up with a short bleat. After staring at the goat kid for a moment, the baby opened her mouth and responded with a bleat-like noise that sounded almost like an exact copy!

But they weren’t done yet. The two continued their little conversation, with the goat letting out an even longer and louder bleat than before.

It seems the baby was a bit intimidated by her challenger’s noisiness, but she finally came back with a short bleat of her own.

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You may not be able to tell the difference between the baby and the goat if you close your eyes before listening to this. That’s how much they sound alike! Go ahead and see for yourself by clicking on the clip below.

If you needed a reason to smile today, this is it!